The 'Music for Oboe' category (useful for browsing) is currently working properly on the website.  You can search easiely by drilling down through the categories, and then within the desired category type in the composer which will in most cases give you a limited list from which to choose your piece. 

Several of you have found it convenient to browse all the Oboe Music in the catalog so I have left the lists available -- just scroll down this page and click on the area you want to browse.  These lists are all in PDF files to view or to print. Then order from the on-line catalog using one of the following methods.  

How to ORDER from the on-line Catalog:
    1) Bring up the composers name in the catalog search box.
        find the title, and order on line using a credit card.
    2) E-mail your order to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
        be sure to include the whole DRShop # and composer & title & edition
        and your full name and mailing address, phone #, and e-mail address
    3) Put all of the above information in a Contact Form found on any page
    4) Fax your order to 802.633.4924
    5) Telephone your order to 802.633.4014
    If you must e-mail credit card #s do it in 2 parts on 2 consecutive days.


Beginning and Intermediate Oboists of All Ages

•Methods, Etudes, and Study Material
         •Solos and Solo Collections for Young or Intermediate Level Players

 A note about the DRShop indication of difficulty level:  
Advancing Students, College Level, and Professional Materials
       The Level is indicated in the DRS # by the digit after the decimal,
       i.e. .1 is first year, .2 is second year of study, .4 & .5 are upper Jr & Sr Hi            School and is appropriate for high school contest.
       .6 is very Adv. Hi Sch. and College, .7 is difficult, .8 really hard,
       .9 extended 20th Century technics

        •Advanced Study Material and Etudes
        •Orchestral Excerpts and Parts
        •Solo Pieces and Solo Collections
        •Concertos with Piano Reductions
        •Sonatas, Suites, and Multi Movement Pieces

        •Oboe Alone - Unaccompanied
        •Oboe with Organ

 You can find oboe Duets, Multiple oboe works, and other Ensembles under Chamber Music and in the English Horn Category.

Summer Sale Lists for 2015 are being posted

Keep Checking as there are some wicked bargains! 

I need your help to clear my shelves for all the new music  that resides in crates for lack of proper shelf space.

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