It's March Madness 2018!
with a ball or with a reed - go mad with music and win BIG!

Time for team work - on the court or field - in the rehearsal room & concert stage.
Get your team together and find some new music -- ask for suggestions.

20% Off on Any Three or More Titles
at least one must be a 'team piece', an ensemble
a duet, a trio or any piece for more than one wind instrument
All three can be Ensembes, or one or two can be solos or etude books.
Three titles w/no Chamber Music 15%
Two titles w/Chamber Music 10%

Think Spring and Summer - You have worked hard. Do you need something new and different?
Summer is a time for a new focus to your practice, not just more pages of the same book.  
Maybe something easy and beautiful, just maintain and remember what you learned this year.

1) an Etude Book to keep the basics in place, scales, etc.
2) Solos for fun, a Spring Recital, or to play for Grandma.
3) A concerto, or several, to choose for future contests.
4) Easy etudes, just read, keep all your technics in place.
5) Orchestral material to prepare for orchestral auditions.
6) Duets to take to camp and play with your new friends.
Remember Chamber Music is the real joy of music --
the 'why' to all of the solitary practice we continue to do as musicians at any age!
Be sure to choose a chamber Music duet, trio, quintet -- music for any group of friends

For your Chamber Ensemble Piece go to 'Chamber Music' in the Catalog Menu, pick your available instrument combination, and choose your pieces.  If you need some guidance shoot me an email on a contact form. 
Tell me your instrumentation, the age and experience of your group, and I will  make some suggestions.

Choose your music on line and enter in the "Notes Box" Code: "March'18"
20% off any three titles - one must be an Ensemble -- good all of March
Note: your discount will NOT show on your confirmation order. 
It will be taken in the DRS Office, when your card is actually charged.

Go Mad -- It's March -- and 'March Madness'