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Notes on using the catalog, shipping, and ordering.
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The Double Reed Shop
P.O. Box 150, Barnet, Vermont 05821
Phone: 802-633-4014
Fax: 802-633-4924


Vacation and Holiday Schedule

NOTE: The Barnet Office will be closed Thanksgiving Week
Shipping will be closed the week between Xmas & New Years
If you are visiting New England and wish to visit the Shop
during the Xmas holiday break, please call
 for an appointment.  We'll be happy to arrange a visit!


Our full catalog is online.  AND the order blank problems are SOLVED!

The catalog works as a drill down operation and gives you a lot of information. 
Keep refining your search and get finally to 'more information' to read further ntes about the music, sometimes my own notes or impressions.

The catalog order function now again works well, with a little patience!  It may take up to a minute to "confirm your purchase".  Do not click twice or I get a duplicate order!  Go make a reed and let the system do its thing!

Check out with credit card  is quick and easy, but lately has developed an attitude - it wants your card to expire no later than Dec of 2021. If it does not like your credit card please choose PayPal which now works directly from PayPal quickly.  For a cash choice I will call you for your card number unless I have a card number on file for you from the last few months.

PayPal now works directly and is the prefered method at the moment!

Shipping is guaranteed delivery and tracked through USPS Priority. 
Minimum shipping charge of $8.95 will cover almost anything up to 2 lbs by Priority Mail in the US.  Large or heavy books are estimated at higher rates. I can often reduce this amount as I ship.  I can not ship more economically to you.

IF you select EXPRESS / NEXT DAY please follow your order with a phone call!
Order must be in before 10 o'clock, and may or may not be possible!!  CALL

The catalog search function work well if you first drill down to limit the choices.  If you enter Chamber Music —> Mixed Instruments —> etc, or Music for Oboe —> Solos — etc you will get quickly to your wishes and the search will work  efficiently.  Type your Composer's name in the search box, then let the wheel find your search, do not click on the magnifying glass.  This brings up a list of titles, click on your selection for more information and to order.

There are PDF files for oboe music if this is a more convenient way to browse.  Searching for Chamber Music by drilling down to your combination of instruments will give you an extensive list of appropriate music. 

The catalog IS very pwerful and DOES contain a lot of additional information on each title.  Most people have found this easy to use.

Mean while, I will still welcome your order by email or telephone if this is more your style. Just do not put your credit card on the email.

Any catalog problems on the site are due to having too much information on each record.  In trying to be complete I perhaps have gone too far?  I keep looking for ways to stream line its efficiency, and also am in search of a helpful computer guru in Virtue Mart Catalog programing.

 Further notes on using the on-line catalog:

Our on-line catalog offers complete security for your order and credit card information.  We do not share any of your information beyond our office. In fact your credit card information is held by Authorize.net. or by PayPal.  We do not see it!

You may choose to "log in" and the program will remember your information for future orders.  Or you may order as a 'guest' without saving your particulars and information.

To choose your shipping and payment you need to proceed to the second step of check out -- click on the green button to continue check out.  Then you will have an opportunity to choose priority mail which is our preferred and most efficient and economical, guaranteed to receive, shippment method. You may ask in the Notes Box for 1st class shipping if possible.

IF you must have OVER NIGHT / EXPRESS SERVICE you MUST follow your order with a phone call to alert me!
Express shipping begins at $35.  Saturday and Sunday delivery are double that fee — lets plan ahead!!  Spend your money on music, not in shipping.

Search by any of three methods:

1)  Drill Down in three layers by instrumentation.  Easy and complete!
     Click on Online Catalog, then your category, and go from there.
     This is especially convenient if you are looking for an ensemble combination.  Go to Chamber Music --> to your general category --> to your specific instrument conbination.  The alternate possibilities will also list.
     Or if you want to see what is available for next year's concerto competition or get recital ideas, find your category and browse easily.

2)  Title / Composer Search in "search box" at upper right of page, with magnifying glass.  It is quick if you know what you want.  If you know your composer, or the title, use the simple key word search, but get down a layer or two first or it will take forever to sort for you.

The search works in many different directions.

  • In the search box enter a word & click on the magnifying glass.
  • Enter one word of the title, or the composer, or instruments. 
  • Use the traditional score abbreviations for instruments or spell them out.   
  • If you don't know how to spell the composer's name enter the first 2 or 3 letters and an asterisk (*), click on the magnifying glass and the list of composers will come up to identify yours.  It is a challegne with Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi, but Poulenc is limited and easy.

3)  All Fields Search - Product Search Box:
     May also be used for any single word, like part of a title, a style, edition, etc. but DO NOT click on the magnifying glass or hit enter.  All by itself it will bring up a list.  This is a great way to find the collection in which a title resides, or all the waltzes, or Xmas or Christmas or Sacred music.  Experiment a bit!


  • Why the difference in price between entries of the same title?  They represent different Editions or publications, again, go for more information!  The tune is the same, articulations, dynamics, and expression marks may differ.
  • Never heard of that piece?  What style is it?  Click on the composer for his/her birth dates.  Did the composer live during the time of Bach or before, or Mozart, or Brahms, or your Grandmother, or is the composer alive today?
  • Click on the title for lots more information about the piece, including a chance to order it.  The descriptive information is mostly from my own experience or from the publishers notes.  I hope it is helpful and a little bit entertaining.
  • What is in this collection of solos?  Get Contents list by clicking on the title for more information.

Postage Shipping, and handling begins at a minimun of $8.95 which covers guaranteed delivery by priority USPS shipping up to 2 pounds and $50 value anywhere in the continental United States.  The postage charge on your check out invoice is an estimate.  On larger orders and within New England and the Midwest it is likely to be a high estimate and will actually be charged at a lower rate.  Postage has recently increased by 28% and I have not yet raised my charges.   IF your order is under $10 and 4 ounces, if you are willing to assume the delivery risk, and if you are willing to wait 7-10 days I can ship 1st class or media mail.  Minimun charge for lst class is $5, choose priority and tell me in the notes box to send 1st class if possible.      

  • Postage charges do include a handling fee and guaranteed delivery.
  • Larger packages are charged on the basis of destination, weight and size.
  • Over night or 'Express Delivery' must be in our office by 9:30 a.m. EST, and need also a confirmation phone call. It may or may not be possible from our small town to your small town.
  • Canadian orders are best and most economically sent International first class unless you request otherwise.
  • Other foreign orders are tough to estimate.  International First Class is usually the most economical and secure method.  We will contact you by e-mail or give you a choice on your PayPal Invoice if there is a question or an option. Your PayPal invoice  will charge you the exact amount necessary for your order to ship securely.
  • Back orders will be shipped as soon as available (2 weeks to 3 months) at no additional postage.  Estimated time depends mostly upon the publisher.
  • The best way for you to save on your postage is to order several items at once -- plan ahead!
    The people in our country who are making money are those who move our money and our goods around the world!!

Payment may be made by Visa, Master Card, or Discover Card.  PayPal is the best and often only option for foriegn orders.   Former customers who usually pay by check and wish to continue to do so, state your wish in the 'notes' box or call me.
I believe you may not be able to check out without a credit card, but I can cancel the card and receive your check.

Returns: A 20% restocking fee is applied to refunds for music returned after 30 days. Returns received within 30 days are fully credited for the music.  You pay for shipping.

A 'notes box' is on the check out form.  Use it for anything you want me to know about your order, any question you may have, i.e. editions, difficulty, alternate parts, something you can't find in the catalog, shipping instructions, or to just say hi.

Contact forms also appear on the top of every page for your questions and comments.

Opprtunity: The DRShop is for sale.  It is an opportunity with tremendous potential!  I would love to pass it along to another oboist, but any one passionate about wind msic would find it fullfilling, fun, and interesting.   CONTACT the DRShop for further information.

We're here for you

If you need us, use the contact form (found on the left menu bar),
or call the office at 802-633-4014

Look on our Competitions page for the Competition List
IDRS Gillet Competition, Young Artist Competition, Meg Quigley
We have all of the music in stock.
Order any three titles from a competition list to ship postage free!

Teachers Notice: Register for a Teachers Discount!

Just send me a note about your professional and teaching activities, size of your class, levels of students, etc. I will add you to the list of teachers who enjoy a discount when they order five or more titles of stdent Methods and Etudes or Solo Collections.
Note at bottom of this page with more details.

We also carry, in stock, all the time, and will continue to carry:

  • Reeds, ready-made, for oboe and bassoon
  • Books for self-instruction, enrichment, and enjoyment
  • Music Minus One Play Along CDs

    On clearance, liquidation, all at special prices, are:

  • Reed-making tools - what little is left is on the clearance pages
  • Mandrels, plaques, files, thread, wire - also on clearance -
    No knives left
  • Accessories for care, practice, fun - more clearance
  • Swabs, oil, reed cases, seat straps, and more - also on clearance
  • Recordings on CD are all $10 each. See CDs On Sale Page

Can’t find what you want?  Or are short on patience?

Go to the CONTACT US box at the top of every page or the 'notes box' on the order blank and note any piece you can not find in the search, or any additional reeds, tools, books, CDs, etc.  Also use this box for comments or questions.  The catalog is always a work in progress so let us know what works and what doesn’t work for you!

You don't like online ordering? Although online ordering is very secure and efficient, you may choose to order by mail, phone, or CONTACT US HERE. Your order will be received and shipped by any means, but online is the quickest and most secure.

Please always provide your full name, shiping address complete with Zip Code, your phone number complete with area code when leaving phone messages, or e-mail orders.  I prefer to receive the above info by e-mail contact form, and telephone the credit card info.

Can't find what you want? Always ASK! New titles arrive daily!



The DRShop will extend a discount on orders of materials for your students.
Please register with us as an oboe &/or bassoon studio teacher.
Let us know your name, address, phone, & e-mail.
Tell us aout your class -- size, ages & levels of students you teach,
and instruments you teach or ensembles you coach.

Order 5 or more items and receive 10% discount

Order 10 or more items and receive 15% discount

Special Sales are announced occassionally: i.e. Back to School or Xmas

Materials which qualify for discount are Student Method Books
and Student Solo Collections

We will keep you posted of specials and new music
we feel you and your students will enjoy.

We will also appraise you of Special sales and clearance materials.
At present you may browse the web site for CD clearance, and liquidation
of all tools and accessories. Help your students SAVE!

Use the contact form on any page of the web site, or e-mail to register.
All information remains confidential. We will not share or abuse your e-mail!

Please register with us with above requested information.

The Double Reed Shop
P.O. Box 150, Barnet, Vermont 05821
Phone: 802-633-4014
Fax: 802-633-4924

CONTACT The Double Reed Shop